The Izmir Project is an international initiative led by the Kiriaty Foundation to save Izmir's unique synagogues, and create a living cultural monument to the rich Jewish heritage of the city.

The Izmir Project cooperates with the local Municipality and the Jewish community to restore and reconstruct seven of Izmir's synagogues and historic community buildings, and construct a museum with a cultural center. 

The aim of this project is to turn the old Jewish quarter of Izmir into an exciting historical, cultural, educational and touristic site as a tribute to Turkish history and world monuments, and an accolade to the rich architectural legacy of the Jewish community that once flourished in Izmir.

The Izmir project involves synagogue restoration, creation of a “Living Museum of Jewish Heritage” and a cultural center to cover 2000 sqm of built area with additional adjacent courtyard areas. The Living Museum of Jewish Heritage will serve as an academic center for multi-cultural research and dialogue.

Four contiguous synagogues within Izmir's historic bazaar have been designated as the core of the restoration project: Hevra, Algazi, Signora-Giveret and the ruins of the Foresteros synagogue. Combined with two other adjacent synagogues: Etz-Hayim and Shalom, in addition the Bikur-Holim synagogue nearby; they form a unique complex of diverse Sephardic synagogue styles.